About Us

Tim Goodwin:

Tim's skills as a machinist and engineer coupled with his experience as the owner and president of a manufacturing business gives him a unique perspective and insight into his customer's needs.

Tim Goodwin began machining in the early 1980’s when his father started Goodwin Graphics, Inc., a wholesale print manufacturing company. The company quickly grew into a multimillion dollar operation with over 50 employees that manufactured product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a national and international customer base. Over the next 33 years, Tim was a major contributor to that success as he designed, built, re-built, and maintained several large printing presses and collators. He had a unique talent for retrofitting the equipment for new innovations and products that they weren't originally designed to produce. He also led the company as its president for 13 years beginning in January 2001.

Technological changes, including desktop publishing and the internet, had a profound effect on the printing industry, especially the multi-part mailer product, which was the company's mainstay. The company adjusted, but eventually, given current market conditions, the company would have to drastically change its product offering and invest in costly digital printing equipment to have any hope of staying in business. In 2013, Tim made the difficult decision to close Goodwin Graphics, Inc. While it was sad to see an end to that company, the closure provided the opportunity for Tim to pursue his passion for machine work. Goodwin Machineworks, LLC was established on July 1, 2013.